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"THANK YOU so much to Shawna and her great team of caring teachers!  After attending both Preschool and Kindergarten at Smarty Pants, I can wholeheartedly recommend this program.

As an anxious parent I loved the safe environment to learn and grow in.  My shy daughter loved going to play and learn with her friends!  Upon completion of the program she was reading proficiently, is competent in basic math, is comfortable doing homework and spelling tests.

I am so happy we chose Smarty Pants for our daughter.  I can't thank them enough! :-)"
-Lucia Beavers

"My son barely missed the cut-off date for public school kindergarten. He was so ready for kindergarten though! Knowing he needed structure and an advanced curriculum, I enrolled him in Smarty Pants' private kindergarten program. After the first few weeks I knew it was exactly what he needed! He thrives on the  one-on-one attention Miss Shawna and his other teachers give him. By the end of the year he was reading at close to a second grade level and constantly surprising me with all of the things he'd learned. I highly recommend Smarty Pants Private Kindergarten Program for any child looking for a one-on-one kindergarten setting. Miss Shawna will exceed your expectations... I know she exceeded mine!"- Joy Plaisance - Owner of Sunshine Preschool

"All three of my kids went to Smarty Pants. The owner and the teachers were amazing, hands-on, and really took the time to work with each kiddo. I highly recommend Smarty Pants to anyone in the area looking for a great preschool for your kiddo." - Michelle Nicholson

"Shawna and Rhonda have taught both of my boys and they LOVED them! They learned so much in their year at preschool! Shawna and Rhonda provided both boys with amazing structure, a classroom setting that was awesome and amped up for learning and time to explore, play and be kids. I truly feel that both my children were more than prepared to enter kindergarten and I know it is because of the teaching and guidance provided to them at Smarty Pants!" - Carolyn Wiese

"My daughter loves this school so much! She learns so much every time she goes and the teachers are wonderful at keeping parents updated on their children's day and what they are learning! My kids will all attend smarty pants, great curriculum, clean and safe school, and awesome teachers! They definitely know how to make kids feel special and loved!" - Mckenzie Miles

"My nieces went to smarty pants and my daughter went for 2 years and now my son is enrolled. Mrs. Shawna is very experienced in what she does and the most understanding teacher we've ever come across!! There's different schedules to choose from which is great not all preschools have that!! Highly recommend smarty pants!!!" - Christine Mosley

"My daughter has LOVED her first year of school and is doing so well here. It has been a great experience all around and we look forward to keeping her here for Kindergarten as well!" - Mellissa Giver

"What an AWESOME preschool!! It is so fun to see my daughter learning and growing on a daily basis! And, of course, Miss Shawna is just as awesome! HIGHLY suggest you send your kiddos here for a wonderful preschool experience!" - Marie Driesel

"We love smarty pants! It is such a fun and open learning environment! Your child will love going to preschool here!!" - Diana McArthur

"My little man Teagun attended Smart Pants for their kindergarden program for 2016. After pulling him from public school the concern was finding someone who could connect with him on his own level. Shawna not only made a wonderful emotional connection with him but she challenged him socially and he has come so far in what he has learned from her. Before Shawna and her staff my son would come home a broken little soul. He refused to play with others and didn't believe in himself. She challenged him to work hard and believe in himself. Now he will interact with others, he is reading and loves math. He begs me to go and see his Miss Shawna! For anyone seeking for a wonderful learning experience academically and socially I would highly recommend Smarty Pants!"

Lacie Callahan

"Before we found Smarty Pants, my son went to a Preschool in Kuna where they asked me to remove him from the school because he wasn't a good fit. They didn't know how to properly engage children who were past "their curriculum" level and my son would find other ways to entertain himself because he was bored. So, we decided to work with him on our own. When it came time for Kindergarten, my little man missed the cut off for Kindergarten by 4 days. There was no way we were going to hold him back. We didn't know what to do until we heard about Smarty Pants. My son is very smart, outgoing and a people pleaser. However, he suffers from ADHD and has a hard time focusing. Mrs. Shawna knew exactly what to do to keep him on track and not be a distraction to the class. Everyday, my son would look forward to going to school and always had great things to say about his teachers. Smarty Pants is an amazing school and Shawna knows how to adapt to each child. I couldn't have asked for a better school. We can't wait for my daughter to go in 2 years. Thank you Shawna!"

Krystal Hinkle

"My daughter had such a fantastic time at Smarty Pants! Having just moved from out of state and her being super attached to me I was worried how she would do in pre school. She has blossomed into this independent, smart little girl with lots of friends! And she learned so much this year, I was shocked to see her tell me letters everywhere we went! Not only that,Being able to write her name! I will always recommend Smarty Pants!" - Rebecca Nickles

"Shawna has done an amazing job with her preschool. I have always sent everyone who is seeking a quality preschool to her. My daughter attended her program and not only learned and retained all information provided at this preschool, she tested above average in all of her coursework. This is the only preschool I recommend to anyone. Two thumbs up always! Thank you Shawna for providing a safe environment and quality education to our children and community. We are fortunate to have you!" - Kristin Fisher

"My daughter attended Smarty Pants during 2013-14. This school is fantastic! I home schooled my toddler from age 2-4 and had taken her as far as I could. She needed more of a challenge and Smarty Pants was the perfect place for her. I was amazed at how much she was learning. She is able to count to 30, count by 10's to 100, name all her colors and shapes, and she can READ!! I am so happy we made the decision to send her to Smarty Pants!" - Alaina Terry

"I have loved the time that my son has spent at smarty pants. I was worried that he was going to pick up some bad habits from school, but the teachers have high expectations of the kids which cut down on the bad habits from other kids. My little guy was challenged, even though he was one of the youngest in the class, Shawna recognized his knowledge of letters and readiness to read, so he was placed in the reading group. He is reading small books, road signs, cereal boxes (with easier words), pretty much anything with words on it he attempts to read. They have built up his confidence in reading and he has flourished. He didn't know how to write when he started class in August and for Mother's Day he gave me a handmade card with a letter written all by himself. I am amazed at how well he is doing! The teachers cultivate such a safe environment that it is easy for the children to learn and grow. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to see their child succeed in the classroom. Smarty Pants has definitely given my son a head start academically."  -Lauralynn Jenkins

"AMAZING!! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing preschool in our community. I have sent three of my boys to Smarty Pants and can't say enough good things about the school or the teachers. All of my boys have LOVED going to Smarty Pants and have learned so much! We live in a small community and Smarty Pants Preschool is the perfect hometown preschool for my kids. I look forward to sending my little girl there in a couple of years! Can't wait to have 4 Smarty Pants Preschool graduates!" - Corie Bennett

 "My son attended Smarty Pants Preschool this year and it has been a great experience for him. He is extremely shy and has a hard time leaving my side, making friends, and speaking to other adults and children. I felt it was necessary for him to attend preschool so that he could develop the social skills he needed to start public school. Smarty Pants was the perfect environment for him. The teachers are so kind and loving. They really care about each child and help them with their individual needs. They went out of their way to help my son work through his fears, make friends and actually enjoy going to school. I'm also extremely pleased with his academic progress. I'm confident that he is ready for kindergarten and that he will thrive there. I highly recommend Smarty Pants." - Caroline Merrell

"What a difference I have noticed and seen in my daughter. From her self confidence to all she has learned just within the time she has been with you at Smarty Pants. Thank you for all you have taught and done for my daughter. I can honestly say with your help she will do so good when she takes the next big step to kindergarten. Thank you!" - Amy Paige

“ Thank you so much at Smarty Pants Preschool for making our first school experience such a great one! From the beginning you made me feel at ease and had my son excited about the year to come. Thanks for having the same dedication I feel towards my son's education. We were so lucky to find Smarty Pants!” - Dee Moss

“I just want to thank Smarty Pants Preschool for being an integral part of my child's learning over the past 2 yrs. I feel it has helped her socially, as well as academically. ” - Marla Burch

"Thank you Smarty Pants Preschool for such a fantastic year! My daughter enjoyed every day of school and loved her teachers. I'm so glad I found a preschool in Kuna that is willing to take the extra step and teach the kids as they are ready." - Aimee Larsen

"My son attended school last year as a preschooler and he loved it. The teachers are the BEST and he adores them and school. He did so well last year that we are going to send him back for the 2013/2014 school year as a kindergartener and our daughter is going to attend as a preschooler :) GREAT school and teachers you will NOT be sorry to choose Smarty Pants for your kiddos!!!"
  -  Teri Husted