Our classroom utilizes Class Dojo for important information, classroom news, updates, reminders, permission slips, photos & more!

 Our class info for this app will be available at Open House! Please add this app to your phone! 


9-9:30 am- Student drop off. No early bird. This ½ hour is center time and free play.

This is so no one misses learning time when the roads get bad in the winter or your

child is having one of those slow mornings. 

9:30-10 am- Clean up and Group time. ( Calendar, carpet time, yoga, dance etc.)

10-11 am- Move to the Learning Room and begin class.

11-11:25- Library, snack, recess, get ready to go home. 

11:30- School is out. Student pick up time for parents.

(Set a 10 min. Reminder in your phone, in case the train is blocking the tracks.)


  • Send your child’s backpack every day. Their coat needs to fit inside it.

            No luggage style backpacks. Make sure the backpack is labeled. 
  • Closed toed shoes and shorts under dresses make recess much better.

  • No toys from home and all items need to stay inside backpacks.

            We try very hard to not have any issues with head lice. This helps. 
  • If your child has vomited within the last 24 hours, had a fever or has green

            mucus or a cough or has been around head lice, please keep them home.
            Make up days are available. Let’s keep our classroom healthy. 
  • We celebrate birthdays once a month for each class. If you’d like to send

something, please sign up in the classroom so we don’t have duplicate treats.
        The monthly calendar will tell you when the parties are. 

  • For Parties: Please don't bring cupcakes or cookies that have lots of frosting.

  • Glazed donuts, muffins or cookies are easier for the kids at parties.

  • The Classroom calendar is always available on our website.

           Please keep a copy of it on your phone if you need to access it each month.
  • We can’t see who is driving when you pull in to pick up your child.

            Please either roll down the window and say your child’s name or write
            their name on a big card on your visor, until we learn each child’s parent and car.
  • Remember to park facing north. (my house) and drive slowly. 
  • Our class app is how I send out group texts. Please download Class dojo


If you bring treats for class parties please make sure you bring a clear juice, like Capri Suns.
We also encourage treats like muffins, cookies or glazed donuts.
We do not recommend treats with frosting.
Thank you!