Question: What are the benefits of enrolling my child in Smarty Pants private school? 

Answer:  We are able to offer a more individualized learning plan for each of our students. We allow students to work at their own pace, creating a level of confidence in students, that might not happen in a larger class setting. We accept a limited number of students, with our maximum class size being 22 students.  Each class has 2-3 teachers to insure that your child receives the attention that they deserve.

 Question: What makes Smarty Pants Preschool & Private Kindergarten the best?

 Answer: At Smarty Pants Preschool & Private Kindergarten, we pride ourselves on being "The Little School Making A BIG Difference!" We believe that bigger is not always better. Especially when you are trying to create a one-on-one learning environment. We are determined to keep our school small, and to retain our original goal; to always put your child's education above all else.

Question: When should I register my child? 

Answer: We accept registration year-round. Please keep in mind that our classes do fill up quickly. Pre-registering your student is a great idea and insures that your child will be in our class and not on a waiting list.

Question: How old does my child have to be to attend Smartypants Preschool & Kindergarten?

 Answer: Smarty Pants Preschool & Kindergarten is Kuna's very first state-licensed private school. Because we are licensed through the State of Idaho, as a Private School, we are held to a different standard than those licensed as a daycare. Because of the higher level of learning offered at Smarty Pants, we only accept 4 years olds. This allows us to accomplish more during our class time. The State of Idaho considers any facility with students under the age of 4, a daycare program. Our goal is to offer a more advanced level of learning to our students, that will give them a confident transition to the next grade. Students need to be 4 yrs old by Sept. 30 of enrolling year, 

 Question: What will my child's day at school be like?

 Answer: Our day starts with group activities and socializing. During this time, the students can choose which CENTER they might like to play in. We then move on to group singing, dancing & sharing time. Then we transition to our table work, which includes developing their small motor skills; coloring, writing, painting, cutting, gluing, etc. The children will learn to correctly write their names on their own daily papers. We have a strong emphasis on letter recognition and placement. Each student is encouraged to do their individual best and complete the task. This will build their confidence and a strong foundation for their educational career. Each week / month the students will be introduced to a different color, number, letter, shape, as well as learning about the calendar. All of this is accomplished in a patient, loving environment that fosters great learning. We believe that there is an important need for students to complete daily paper work to build their small motor skills and confidence. This not only allows the child to make progress, but it also allows the parents to see the child's progress each day. Daily paper work also show the teachers which students may need more help in certain areas.